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What are you waiting for ? You dont need New Years to achieve your health and wellness goals

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Tis the season – New Years is notoriously the time when people set their fitness, diet, health and weight related goals.  If you are going to use the New Year as the date to get started why not start at Thanksgiving and work towards New Year and use holiday appropriate celebrations such as Turkey and Jingle Bell Trots as incentives to start a new and healthy lifestyle.


Between Thanksgiving and New Years there are approximately 6 weeks to set yourself onto a healthier path.  Before Thanksgiving pick a local Turkey Trot to either run or walk.  In the South Palm Beach area there was the JCC Thanksgiving Day and further south the Tamarac Turkey Trot.  These are both great races, tons of fun and will set you on the path to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


The second race of this plan is a “Holiday Mile” or 5K Race.  Many cities have Holiday Miles now where crowds run down Main Street as part of a tree lighting or holiday parade event.  Set a one-year goal that In 12 Months you will know a minute off your mile or run the entire course.  The Boca PAL Holiday Mile put on by Runners Edge foundation is a fun mile before the parade and Coral Springs also has a Holiday Mile.  If your town does not have a mile or 5K they may have a Jingle Bell trot around Christmas time that you could also run.


Lastly commit to run a 5K for the New Year! Many towns have 5K, 10K events around New Years Day.  Boca 5K & 10K now in its 35th Year is adding a Fitness Challenge to allow those who don’t run to participate in a fitness event for the end of the year.  Synergy Fitness Boca is designing the Fitness Challenge, which will allow all fitness levels and age groups to participate.    Check local race calendars for Resolution Runs and Commitment 5K’s.


Look at that you could be sitting planning on getting healthy and fit in 2014 but if you started at Thanksgiving you would have a 6 week jump start on your health and fitness goals – so what are you waiting for.  Sign up for a race, join a gym and get healthy!


Author: Synergy Health and Wellness

Hi and thanks for visiting Synergy Health and Wellness. I’m Dolores, a Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and my focus is to make a difference in the Lives, Health and Wellness of my patients. My career began in Broward General a busy inner city hospital with a robust Emergency and Level 1 Trauma department with over 350 patient visits per day. In addition to ED and Trauma I also had 1 year experience in the area of Liver transplant providing care to pateints from all over the United States. My experience working in the emergency department lead me to become more and more frustrated with the repetitive patient ailments that could have been treated with education in diet, exercise and overall Health and Wellness. I came to see that we spent more time, effort, money and resources treating diseases and chronic health conditions rather than focusing on prevention. This opened my eyes to adult Health, women’s Health, the problem of addiction and holistic preventative Health and Wellness which would change the direction of my career. Returning to school my focus became Health, Wellness, Prevention and Maintenance and the treatment of the whole person, mind, body and soul. My masters thesis research concentrated on the development of a nursing model using Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners in the workplace and outpatient settings to ensure population compliance with routine preventive screening, preventative medicine and education of patient populations which would eventually decrease future medical problems for individuals and corporate employees. This model utilizes other specialties such as dieticians, personal trainers and fitness professionals, chiropractors, and mind-body specialists who provide yoga and meditation for stress relief and general improvements in Health and wellbeing. My masters level thesis demonstrates that a synergistic approach to health and wellbeing will be the future model for healthcare and prevention and forms the basis of my everyday practice. In my free time I practice the Healthy lifestyle that preach and try to instill in my patients. I enjoy weight training, running, competitive obstacle events and I actively participate in local community events by participating and volunteering to support local charities. Stop by and see me at Synergy Health and Wellness for personalized health and wellness assessment and treatment plans treating mind-body and soul.

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