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Let’s talk about Sex-Baby !


5 Tips to Improve your Libido  

One of the biggest complaints I hear in practice is a decrease in a patients Libido – both from males and females.  Don’t despair there are tricks and strategies to incorporate daily that will improve your Libido and make your sex life sizzle!i-c36fwG5-X3

What is Libido?  Libido (/lᵻˈbiːdoʊ/), is commonly described as a persons “sex drive” or desire for sexual activity. Sex drive is influenced by biological, psychological and social factors.  Many people often ignore a decrease in their sex drive but did you know that according to Maslow sex is as important, physiologically, as breathing and water. Therefore, if these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail.   People ignore this decrease often out of embarrassment or fear.  In my practice I will ask my patients about any issues with libido as part of my assessment because YES it is tremendously important to the individual’s overall health and wellbeing.   Did you also know that as we age sex drive usually decreases often spurred on by decreases in Testosterone?  Here are 5 things that will help improve your libido!


  1. Exercise – Exercise causes a myriad of cascading effects. It helps de-stress, associated weight loss and looking great improves our own perceptions of ourselves.  If you look and feel more attractive it boosts your confidence.  Yet one of the most beneficial aspects of exercising is that it can help in increasing testosterone levels.  Short bursts of exercise such as HIIT workouts and Weight lifting routines (heavy/low reps) for both men and women have been proven beneficial.
  2. Eat Clean – Drop the high fructose, processed, fatty foods all of which expose us to estrogen mimicking compounds and substitute with healthy vegetables, fats and proteins – unprocessed and unrefined. Tuna, Salmon, Sardines and Eggs all increase Testosterone as do oysters and black beans – So clean up your diet!  By eating clean, you will also shed those unwanted pounds
  3. Medications – often the number one offender to a decreased sex drive. Working with a psychiatric population I see many patients on SSRIS (Prozac & Zoloft) and Tricyclic anti-depressants.  But many of my patients are also on medications for seizure disorders (Tegretol) Hypertension (beta-blockers such as Atenolol and Metoprolol) even over the counter anti-histamines such as Benadryl will all interfere with libido.  A very thorough review of your medications and possible alternatives should be discussed with your practitioner.
  4. Supplements – Great news! There are supplements out there that can improve your libido.  My absolute favorite (especially for women) is Maca.  Totally unpalatable (IMHO) in powder form except for Gaia Vanilla Chai Maca but you can find it in pill form from companies such as Advocare Formula W.  Maca is know to improve sexual function, decrease erectile dysfunction, and balance mood.  Add some Zinc and Vitamin D to your diet and as always try and get these micronutrients from your food.  If you’re not getting enough from food, ask your practitioner for the appropriate dosage.
  5. De-Stress – Lastly DESTRESS !!!!!  Nothing interferes more with libido than stress and mood.  When you’re stressed the body releases cortisol which actually blocks the effects of testosterone.  So relax, unwind, get in the mood, forget about your day.  I know sometimes easier said than done but you can get a massage, meditate, do yoga or do whatever you know works for you to de-stress! Don’t forget to “Spice” it up in more ways than one, lingerie, movies all add dimension !

Decreased Libido is more common than you think!  You are not the only one and unfortunately it does increase as we age.   But there are tips and tricks out there that will get your libido and sex life back on track.  Find a holistic and empathetic practitioner who you are comfortable with and who will uncover the reason while providing strategies to help treat the cause.

For more confidential help or if you have a topic you would like discussed – you can call me at 561-866-1211.  Thanks Dolores

Synergy Health and Wellness


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5 Tips if going to the ED


5 Tips if Going to the ED

Having to go to the Emergency Department can be frightening – We know we are not seeing you at your best and often times we are there to help you through a major medical crisis.  While no visit is easy here are some tips that may make your visit a little easier.

  1. Is the ER really the right place for you ? Did you know that of all patient visits in busy ED’s only between 30% of the pateints are actually admitted.   In fact most patients are treated and discharged and usually after a significant wait.  Many ailments can actually be treated in an Urgent Care Center or in many of the “Free Standing ER’s” being set up by hospital networks.  Medication refills, pregnancy tests (yes we do see this) mild abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and many more complaints can be treated in Urgent Cares.  Chest pain, seizures, worst headache of your life, major lacerations, stroke symptoms, broken bones– Head to the ED !
  2. History & Physical – We are going to ask you tons of questions so please know your history and these questions may be asked by multiple providers !  When we ask past medical history and you answer “none” you need to know that history is anything that you have been diagnosed with even if that condition is under control with the use of medication – so that includes Hypertension, Diabetes and High Cholesterol even if those conditions are well controlled with medications.  Please also know the surgeries and approximate dates for those operations.  Family history is also important – we are interested in all family history but most importantly mother, father and siblings.  Know your allergies.  Please know height and weight (though we will weigh you for weight based meds).
  3. Medications – Please bring in a list of ALL mediations. That includes all over the counter meds, vitamins and supplements. Please see medication record tip at the bottom
  4. Please bring a friend/family member or another set of eyes and ears – While we may bring only you in initially (in order for us to get you triaged, labs drawn, immediate blood work etc) we do appreciate someone who can provide additional information and also for your sake someone who can act as your advocate. It is not unusual if you have pain or discomfort to not remember instructions or information that is often provided to you.  If you come from a large family please designate one spokesperson and point of contact.  It is so much easier for all concerned to only have to relay information once.  Ask questions – yes we love questions – and respectfully question why we are doing certain tests etc !  Most Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics will not take offence at being sked why they are doing certain things.
  5. Leave all valuables at home: Do you really need that $10,000 ring and watch in the ED? And while you may have been brought in by ambulance please, at your earliest conveience, give a family member your personal belongings.


One last piece of information – the definition of triage is (in medical use) “the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.”  ED personnel are REALLY good at determining degrees of urgency.  If a person who came into triage gets assigned a room before you, there is usually good reason. This may include any of the following A.  Their emergency is more acute than yours B.  A bed has become available in an area they are appropriate for ie an OB/GYN emergency may be seen in a different area as may a minor emergency than an abdominal pain.  C. Patient may be directly admitted through the ED for things like ohhhhhh Transplant and many more.  Believe me as a former ED/Trauma Nurse we like nothing more than treating patients and discharging them – we don’t like overflowing waiting rooms as much as you don’t and our goal is to get you seen and discharged as quickly as possible.

s a great medication card that you can put in your wallet.  A little trick – write your meds in pencil – therefore if your provider changes the frequency or dose you only have to erase and change those items and wont have to completely rewrite the card.







If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dolores at Synergy Health and Wellness  at 561-866-1211.


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5 Tips to choosing the right primary care provider



5 Tips to chose a Primary Care Provides1146306_501556826596664_1602280156_o


Let’s imagine we live in an ideal world where you can pick any primary care provider you want (insurance is not an issue).  Here are 5 tips to help you narrow your choice


  1. Male or Female – This eliminates 50% of the available providers – you may only want a female doctor or NP for your primary care needs
  2. Family Practice Vs Internal Medicine – Family practice physicians/NP’s are able to treat patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  They are generalists who can treat a wide variety of conditions, and often can also treat ailments you’d normally see a specialist for, like sports injuries or some women’s health needs. Internal Medicine –physicians/NP’s typically treat adults and specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease and chronic conditions.
  3. Ask your Friends – Who do they use or even better who do the doctors themselves use for their doctors/NP’s – you may be surprised
  4. Logistics – Do you work 9-5 ? What are your doctors office hours and how quickly can you get an appointment for an emergency are they also located conveniently to your job or home.  What about evening hours ?
  5. How do they practice – Does your doctor/NP practice holistically with a open mind towards diet, exercise, and complimentary therapies.


You can always call the office and try to schedule a meeting with the primary care provider if the provider is agreeable or look out for local area networking events where the provider is possibly a speaker so that you can learn more about them.


Remember – the relationship with your provider is going to be personal – it is important to invest some time in your choice.

You can contact Dolores at 561-866-1211 or