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5 Tips to Decrease Stress



5 Tips to Decrease Stress

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.” ― Śāntideva

Stress in small amounts can be positive spurring us on to achieve goals and enhancing our performance and ability to solve problems.  But long term stress is debilitating and at the base of such chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.  The following are 5 Tips to reign in your stress level and keep those feelings of stress and anxiety under control.

  1. Diet – It goes without saying that high quality, unprocessed, whole foods fight stress but lets take this further add asparagus (high in Folate) and avocado (high in B Vitamins) to your plate. Berries (high in antioxidants and Vitamin C) and dark chocolate and garlic, though not in combination have also been proven to decrease stress and depression.  Salmons and fatty fish, high in Omega 3 help fight the effects of stress such as depression and for drinks try calming Chamomile or Green Tea.   Avoid high fat, sugary, processed foods as these will actually contribute to the associated feelings that accompany stress.
  2. Exercise – Hit the Gym or the roads or the pool and burn off stress – Exercise has long been known to decrease stress. Exercising increases endorphins making you feel better, reducing fatigue and improving overall cognitive function. Also exercises such as running, swimming or cycling lull the brain into a rhythmic flow which is calming and reduces stress.
  3. Yoga – and other complimentary therapies. Try a yoga class, meditation or deep breathing techniques.  Take time out in the morning, even just a few minutes to sit in stillness.  These few minutes can help ground you for the day.  While you are there practice gratitude – give thanks for even the smallest of things in your life.  By concentrating on the good and the positive you are reducing the energy given to stress and the negative.
  4. Set Limits – That means saying NO!!!!! Many people are stressed due to the fact that they are over extended in every area of their life taking on extra responsibility in work, at home with their children and families. Learn how to say no – you don’t need to explain yourself to people, just say no.  It wil be difficult initially (especially if you have always been the go to yes person) but it does get easier with time.  Setting limits may also entail removing the people or stressors from your life.  Look around you and see if a particular person or group of people are causing stress and then try to avoid them.
  5. Adapt to the Stressor – Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid a stressor – so try and reframe the stress. Try and view the situation in a more positive light or even have a strategy to cope. No one likes a visit to the DMV or perhaps Jury Duty but try and be positive, know that “this too shall pass” (in a few hours) and even bring a book or puzzle or something to occupy your time and act as a distraction.  Often you will walk away thinking the situation wasn’t as bad as you anticipated it to be.
  6. Bonus Tip : Don’t forget the power of touch. A hug or kiss from a friend or loved one has been shown to increase Oxytocin production creating feelings of calm and de-stressing the individual.  If in doubt hug or kiss !



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