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Maca – Decrease hot flashes and mood swings !

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5 Benefits of Maca (and why you should be taking it) !


Maca, long known as Peruvian Ginseng has been used by indigenous people of the Andes for centuries.  Its benefits, espceically for women are now being documented bringing relief to many women and decreasing the upsetting side effects of menopause especially hot flashes, mood swings and irritability.  The following are 5 benefits of Maca for Women and lets not forget the men in our lives.


Consuming Maca regularly has substantial benefits and can greatly improve quality of life for females and males


  1. Decrease in Menopause and Peri-Menopause Symptoms– Regular use of Maca has been shown to decrease hot flashes, sleep disturbance, irritability and even depression symptoms in (Peri) and Menopausal females
  2. Improvement in Sexual Function and Increase in Libido – Who doesn’t want to ramp up their Libido’s which commonly wane during menopause. Maca has been proven to increase libido and it has also been studied in women taking SSRI’s to combat chemical induced (medication) sexual dysfunction.  Maca is also high in Iodine, Zinc and essential fatty acids, not surprisingly the same nutrients and minerals found in oysters, that may balance sexual hormones and mood.
  3. Mood Stabilizer Fatty acids in maca root support brain function, which may be responsible for stabilizing analytical skills, cognitive function, and rational thinking. Many doctors focused on holistic wellness often recommended omega-3 fatty acids (like the ones found in maca) as a first step toward alleviating certain symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and stress.
  4. Increases Energy Maca is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein. These nutrients naturally support energy levels and aid in recovery from injury. Numerous studies have evaluated maca root for its role in athletic performance for these exact reasons. Even if you’re not an athlete, incorporating maca into your daily routine could be an excellent way to bring a spring back into your step and this goes for males and females
  5. Increases Bone Density – Osteoporosis is a common finding in menopausal women and Maca has been shown to improve markers in bone density. Coupled with weight bearing exercise, the combination can improve outcomes.
  6. Bonus Tip : For men Maca has been shown to increase libido while improving sexual dysfunction ! Some studies have also shown an increase in testosterone levels and increase in  sperm production  in males with black maca more effective than yellow or red.


As with all medications and supplements please consult your doctor before starting any new medication.  While the benefits of Maca are now being brought to the forefront caution should be used by those who are using other hormone medications.


Recommended Dose:  1,500 – 3,000 mg Daily

Maca comes in both powder and pill form.  I recommend pill form Advocares Formula W is one example.  Most powders have a very bitter and pungent taste even when mixed with protein powder or yogurt.  With the exception of Gaia Brand in two great flavors Vanilla Chai and Cacao Ginger.  For my friends in Ireland and the UK Gaia is available in both countries


For more confidential help or if you have a topic you would like discussed – you can call me at 561-866-1211.  Thanks Dolores

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