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Depression – 5 Initial Tips to Help !

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Over the last couple of months, I have been contacted on several occasions for advice on how to deal with, cope with and treat depression.  I think because I actually admitted that I suffer from depression and anxiety people find it easier to approach me with these questions.  Its sad to actually see how many people struggle with depression day to day and if there is one thing that I can say is that there is hope, that depression is treatable and there are strategies that can be implemented to help treat depression.


From a professional standpoint I will say that if you are having suicidal thoughts, if you cannot get out of bed, if the depression lasts more than two weeks, if it is impacting your work, your relationships, your home life, your physical health these are all indicators to seek professional help.


The following are 5 initial tips to help with depression


  1. Be gentle with yourself.  Many people will often beat themselves up and even berate themselves for thinking they have depression.  Statements like why me, this shouldn’t be happening to me, I shouldn’t be feeling like this are often uttered.  Many people ignore the fact that they could be depressed as they are too busy being busy, working.  Many often think that they are too “busy” to have depression yet they often cannot put a finger on why their energy is low, why they are sad or irritable, why they no longer find joUnknown-5y in activities.  Be kind and gentle and realize that yes it can happen to you.
  1. Hopelessness and how to find hope – When you are depressed its as if a suffocating black cloud descends on you. You often feel that you are in a hole trying to claw your way to the surface for air, it’s a struggle and depression can feel physically painful.  For most there is a feeling of hopelessness, that this will never pass.  Hope is defined as the anticipation of something desired but in depression we often cannot see the fulfillment or achievement of the desired.  One of the difficult things is that hope is mainly derived internally.  So how do you get hope if you’re depressed.  Hope-fully there are people in your life who will give it to you when you need it the most, you can listen to inspirational speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra to name a few.  You can start a diary of hope of your own to get you through bleak times.

3.   Get up, take a Shower, Get Dressed. This may sound ridiculous but even in my professional experience one of the most fundamental things in depression is to get patients out of bed, to get them showered and into clean clothes to get them out of their rooms and isolation.  If that is all you did today, then you have succeeded.  As an addition to this if you suffer from anxiety and depression and are trying to exercise you have succeeded by putting your shoes on, if you make it to the gym that’s a great additional step, if you take a class or run on the treadmill even better, but its that first initial step that is amazing.

4.  Fear, Negativity and Putting things in perspective: Did you know that negativity is a prevalent component of depression.  How many positive people suffer from depression?  How many people who have a thrill for life, who live their lives in positive ways, who relish challenges, how many of these people suffer from depression.  Depression often stems form negativity and negative thoughts.  So stop saying “why does this always happen to me” or the worst always happens or bad things happen to me.  Cultivate a spirit of positivity and if you find this difficult you can train yourself to be positive by meditating, by replacing negative self talk with positive self talk.  1745823f781993af90063730693bc0ab--positive-psychology-counseling-psychology

5.    Gratitude – Practice being grateful. Every day you get up write down 5 things you are grateful for.  From experience I know this can be hard and there are days when we struggle to find one thing.  But trust me if you do this on a regular basis most people can see that their lives do have things to be grateful for.  With many of my patients I get them to write two columns one for their problems and one for the things they are grateful for and they are often surprised to see that there is more in the first (Grateful) than the first (problems).5-things-Im-grateful-for1


Take away strategies:


Write down 5 things you are grateful for daily


Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations


Cultivate positivity with meditation or listening to inspirational speakers


Start a diary of hope

Write one thing daily that gives you hope for example “This too shall pass”, I will be happy again,

Author: Synergy Health and Wellness

Hi and thanks for visiting Synergy Health and Wellness. I’m Dolores, a Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and my focus is to make a difference in the Lives, Health and Wellness of my patients. My career began in Broward General a busy inner city hospital with a robust Emergency and Level 1 Trauma department with over 350 patient visits per day. In addition to ED and Trauma I also had 1 year experience in the area of Liver transplant providing care to pateints from all over the United States. My experience working in the emergency department lead me to become more and more frustrated with the repetitive patient ailments that could have been treated with education in diet, exercise and overall Health and Wellness. I came to see that we spent more time, effort, money and resources treating diseases and chronic health conditions rather than focusing on prevention. This opened my eyes to adult Health, women’s Health, the problem of addiction and holistic preventative Health and Wellness which would change the direction of my career. Returning to school my focus became Health, Wellness, Prevention and Maintenance and the treatment of the whole person, mind, body and soul. My masters thesis research concentrated on the development of a nursing model using Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners in the workplace and outpatient settings to ensure population compliance with routine preventive screening, preventative medicine and education of patient populations which would eventually decrease future medical problems for individuals and corporate employees. This model utilizes other specialties such as dieticians, personal trainers and fitness professionals, chiropractors, and mind-body specialists who provide yoga and meditation for stress relief and general improvements in Health and wellbeing. My masters level thesis demonstrates that a synergistic approach to health and wellbeing will be the future model for healthcare and prevention and forms the basis of my everyday practice. In my free time I practice the Healthy lifestyle that preach and try to instill in my patients. I enjoy weight training, running, competitive obstacle events and I actively participate in local community events by participating and volunteering to support local charities. Stop by and see me at Synergy Health and Wellness for personalized health and wellness assessment and treatment plans treating mind-body and soul.

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